1. 3 Illnesses That Might Require In-Home Care

    Deciding when is the right time to start thinking about in-home senior care for an aging parent can be difficult. There is an emotional toll when you face the fact that the person who took care of you for your entire life may now require someone to take care of them. But there is also the burden of deciding when in-home care should start. You don’t want to have a caregiver come in too early if y…Read More

  2. Five Myths About In-Home Care For Seniors

    We know that for some families, making the move to in-home care for ailing loved ones can be a difficult decision. You are faced with the fact that your relative is getting older and may not be able to take care of themselves, and hiring outside help for someone you love can be scary. It is normal to feel this way before seeking the help of professional home caregivers, but choosing the right comp…Read More

  3. The Right Respite Care

    We have talked a little bit before about respite care. The word ‘respite’ means to rest or to take a break from something. Respite care offers people who are full-time caregivers to ailing family members just that: a chance to take a break and rest for a bit. And we at Best In-Home Care know how important that rest can be. Why Do I Need A Respite Caregiver? Imagine yourself some time in the fu…Read More

  4. 3 More Slip And Fall Hazards For Seniors In Lubbock

    In a previous blog post, we discussed the issue of slip and fall hazards in the home, and how these issues, which seem insignificant to the rest of us, can put the lives of our senior loved ones at risk. The slip and fall hazards addressed in our previous post included throw rugs, poor lighting, and even pets. Read the full post here. In today’s blog, we’d like to continue this discussion abou…Read More

  5. Who Are Home Care Workers?

    We’ve written many different articles extolling the virtues of home health care in general, and the services we provide here at Best In-Home Care in Lubbock, Texas. We believe that when it comes to striking a balance between the sustainability of independence and providing a safe, comfortable lifestyle for seniors, home health care provides a solution that few other options can rival. Choosing t…Read More

  6. Getting The Right Care For Seniors After A Stay In The Hospital

    Hospitalization is typically a health care choice reserved for serious events that threaten our wellness, like an acute disease or traumatic injury. Unfortunately, these events can become more frequent during the senior years. Both compromised immune systems and fall hazards in the home can make hospitalization necessary from time to time, but it is always the hope of family and health care profes…Read More

  7. 6 Fall Hazards Lurking In Every Senior’s Home

    There are some parts of getting older that many people enjoy. In their older years, many people are able to retire, finally getting the time to travel, enjoy quality time with grand-kids, or the ability to relocate to a place where they’ll never have to shovel snow again. Of course, there are some drawbacks to getting older as well, mostly physical. Keep reading to learn why slipping and falling…Read More

  8. Home Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home, Not In The Hospital

    When you were in your twenties and thirties, you probably didn’t spend much time thinking about what life would be like in your senior years. When you’re young, your health problems are typically limited to acute events and you can’t wait for the day when you can take care of yourself physically and financially. You never imagine that you’ll be in need of home health care someday. Things c…Read More

  9. Home Care Services Make It Possible To Enjoy Life Again!

    On the surface, home care services might not seem like a very emotional business. People in Lubbock need health care and assistance in their homes, and Best In Home Care LLC provides it. What’s so emotional about that? When you stop to consider how much people in Lubbock care for their elderly loved ones, and how difficult it can be to get seniors to admit that they need a little help to remain …Read More

  10. 3 Things That Make Our Elder Care Providers Special

    When it comes to hiring someone to provide care for the senior in your life, the decision can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for elder care for a parent, aunt or uncle, or your own spouse, it’s never easy to trust a stranger to provide the services that your loved one needs without putting them at risk. We've all heard the elder care horror stories that make national headlines, and…Read More