Caring For Child-Free Couples In Advanced Age


If you were to ask middle-aged people in Lubbock how they planned to deal with the limitations of aging later in life, most would probably reply, “My kids will take care of me!”

It’s true that one of the many blessings of creating children is that you have a built in support system for your senior years. Many children happily take on the role of caretaker when their mother or father is dealing with reduced mobility or other issues later in life.

This tradition begs an interesting question: What if you never had children? Or, what if you have children but they live far away from your home in Lubbock?

Best In Home Care LLC specializes in elder care for those who may not have children living with them in the Lubbock area. Keep reading to learn some of the special ways our elder care services are helping to keep Lubbock seniors in their homes where they feel most comfortable.

Statistics About The Need For Elder Care

  • As of 2014, one in five baby boomers is childless, and approximately 30 percent of adults will enter old age single (never married, widowed, or divorced).
  • 80 percent of elder care is provided at home by children or other family members

If these statistics describe you, there’s no need to worry about how you and/or your spouse will be taken care of. Simply get educated about elder care and how it can take the place of these familial caretakers.

When you hire Best In Home Care LLC to provide elder care services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits (just to name a few!):

  • 24-Hour care without the high costs of a nursing home
  • Assistance in attending doctor’s appointments, getting groceries, and home maintenance
  • Faster healing times after surgery or illness
  • Reduced stress and feelings of loneliness or lost identity
  • Building relationships with our trusted elder care providers

Contact Best In Home Care LLC to learn more about our elder care services in Lubbock today.