4 Activities to Do with a Senior in a Wheelchair

Elder Care Lubbock TX: 4 Activities to Do with a Senior in a Wheelchair
Elder Care Lubbock TX: 4 Activities to Do with a Senior in a Wheelchair

Emily stopped in to visit her 88-year-old grandmother, Marsha, at least twice a week. Marsha had suffered a broken hip that left her confined to a wheelchair. Marsha was fortunate that her daughter, Sarah, worked from home and was able to look after her during the day. However, Emily was concerned that Marsha often seemed bored when she came over, but she wasn’t sure what she could do to relieve the boredom.

Being confined to a wheelchair can be limiting. Many people aren’t sure what to do to make life more interesting for a wheelchair-bound loved one. If you’re struggling for activities to keep your aging family member occupied, here are 4 ideas.

#1: Go for Outings

Admittedly, taking someone in a wheelchair on an outing can be challenging. However, it’s important for seniors to have opportunities for social interactions just as it is for younger people. If you struggle to take your family member out on your own, an elder care provider can go on outings with you and the older adult. That way, you have assistance getting them in and out of the car. In addition, you can focus on spending time with the senior instead of worrying about their care.

#2: Play Board Games

The love of playing board games doesn’t end with old age. So, if your aging relative has enjoyed board games in the past, offer to play with them. Pull out an old classic like Scrabble, chess, or checkers. Or, try something new. There are thousands of board games on the market, so the possibilities are endless. Need a third player? An elder care provider can join in the fun or play board games with the senior when no one else is available.

#3: Go for a Stroll

Even if they can’t walk, going out for a stroll can still be enjoyable. The fresh air and a change of scenery can brighten an older adult’s day. Elder care providers can push the wheelchair while you stroll and chat with your love done. Or, when there isn’t another family member around, an elder care provider can still take the senior out to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood.

#4: Try Out a New Craft

Seniors who enjoy making things might enjoy learning a new craft. It can be fun for them to learn alongside you. The two of you can use an instruction book or an Internet video to learn. Elder care providers can also help seniors to learn new crafts or just do crafts with them to offer companionship.

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