Home Care Wolfforth TX: Senior Care in the Evening

Winding Down: Home Care in the Evening

Home Care Wolfforth TX: Senior Care in the Evening
Home Care Wolfforth TX: Senior Care in the Evening

It is important to you that your parent has the best lifestyle possible as they age in place, and that means making sure they have access to all the care, support, and assistance they need on a regular basis. One way you can ensure this is by introducing home care into your routine. An in-home senior care services provider can be there for your senior on a customized schedule to ensure their needs are met in the ways that are right for them. One of the best parts about home care is that it is completely customizable, meaning the care provider only needs to be with your parent when they need them. Evaluating the ways a care provider can benefit your senior at different points in their day can help to illuminate how valuable this type of care can be. One time of the day when this can be particularly valuable is the evening as your parent is winding down. Dedicated care at this time of day can help your parent relax and get ready for a healthy, safe night’s sleep.

Some ways home care in the evening can help your senior wind down include:

  • Preparing a healthy dinner for your parent. This can even include getting your senior into the kitchen with them to stimulate their mind and memory with cooking and sharing stories
  • Helping your senior take a relaxing bath, which can include everything from just preparing the bathroom and the bath so your parent can bathe independently, to providing full support and assistance
  • Getting them dressed in comfortable pajamas
  • Helping them through their nighttime hygiene routine, including brushing their teeth or encouraging them to properly clean their dentures, brushing their hair, applying lotion, and readying them to relax for the night
  • Spending time with them doing quiet, relaxing activities such as a soothing craft or reading
  • Getting them into bed
  • Providing support for a senior who may feel anxious as the evening approaches, such as one who suffers sundowners

Being a family caregiver can be challenging, but you never need to feel as though you are completely alone. Home care is available to provide a valuable source of support and assistance designed with your senior as an individual in mind. This means they are not just thinking about helping them with activities of daily living or giving medication reminders, though these are valuable services. An in-home senior care services provider can also help them to manage their mental and emotional health needs, seek out more independence and autonomy, and find ways to bring more meaning and fulfillment into their daily life.

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